Catnetting Premium Cat Netting Reinforced with Stainless Steel | Sample

Premium Cat Netting Reinforced with Stainless Steel | Sample



IMPORTANT: This netting has been designed for use by cats only and is not covered for damage resulting from coyotes, dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure. If you live in an area with a high coyote population and you are concerned about coyotes coming onto your property, we recommend you research coyote exclusion techniques, deterrents, and repellents for the most suitable and effective way to keep coyotes off your property.

  • If you believe this netting will be suitable for your needs, a sample swatch can be ordered.
  • The sample size is 1ft x 1ft.
  • This sample is for our Premium cat netting, reinforced with stainless steel.
  • Maximum of one sample of each item per customer.
  • We recommend checking the strength, square mesh size, and appearance of the sample. 
  • Questions about our products or sample? Contact us

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
heidi spence
Second story catio

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. The addition of the steel netting on our second story patio has allowed our indoor cat to experience life outdoors. He spends hours basking in the sun and talking to the birds and squirrels. Our contractor who installed it was so impressed by it he is now an installer. This product has changed the lives of our whole family.

Seems sturdy

The cat netting seems sturdy. There’s a thin wire weaved through

Jamie Fak
Great material, saving up for purchase!

The netting feels like it will handle my three rascals just saving the money

Lisa Law
Cat netting with stainless!

Getting prepared to build a new catio, enclosure and want something that will fit with the woods environment and still keep the multi-cat family pets safe! Believe this is the solution for our project!

Chris Hirschi

Good quality stuff