SKYWALKS Cat Climbing System

All cats need daily activity and stimulation for their wellbeing and behavioral maturity.

Catnets has a range of accessories for your Cat Run or Catio including climbing and scratching products.

The range of Skywalks Outdoor Cat Furniture is made from heavy duty materials.
Built to last outdoors, the range is durable, safe and fun.

Our Outdoor Climbing platforms and ramps provide choice, and leave you limited only by your imagination. The modular climbing system can be added to, creating a Fun Cat Playground with a dynamic vertical element. All cat owners know how much cats just love to perch up high. The Skywalks range ensures many hours of both fun and exercise for both indoors and outdoors.

Unlike traditional climbing platforms or scratching posts, these products are designed for both indoors or outdoors and take up next to no practical living space. Made from powder coated steel and heavy duty marine grade carpet, these products are waterproof and can simply be hosed down and cleaned.

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