About Catnets

Catnets supplies cat netting and accessories worldwide and is a leading supplier of catios and enclosures around the world. Our entire range of products can be found on our website. 

Catnets HQ is based in Sydney, Australia however has a warehouse fulfilment center located in Rockwall, Texas for fast delivery and efficient service. 

Our mission 

We strive to provide affordable and quality products to help all cat owners provide secure, fun and stimulating spaces for their cats to safely enjoy the outdoors. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of Cat Netting and related outdoor accessories. Through the highest quality products, honest service and innovation in new technologies, we aim to offer all our customers exceptional quality and value for money. 

What do we sell? 

Our core business is the supply of specialized cat netting and related accessories, used for the construction of catios and cat enclosures. We sell all our products online via our secure website. Our product range includes the following: 

  • Portable Catios 
  • Cat Netting (pre-made nets and large BULK rolls) 
  • Custom Size Cat Netting (by-the-foot) 
  • D.I.Y Installation Accessories (zippers, rope, clips and fasteners) 
  • Outdoor climbing products and hammocks 


Why Use Catnets Cat Netting? 

Catnets supplies the highest quality cat netting available, and as a result is the chosen supplier for customers and contractors worldwide. Our netting manufacturer is an ISO certified company, and we personally inspect the facilities on a regular basis to ensure quality is of the upmost importance. 
Our high-quality netting is strong, long lasting and designed to withstand harsh environments.  Our nets are UV treated to the maximum percentage without degrading the strength of the netting. More than that, the nets are also regularly tested in an accredited "Accelerated UV Testing facility". 
The netting is also "pre-stretched" to tension, with Heat-Strengthened Knots. This process is critical when used as a cat net, as it helps avoid stretching and sagging of your net over time. 
Catnets brand netting is the ideal choice for your cat enclosure, cat run or catio: 

  • High abrasion resistance 
  • High breaking strains 
  • UV treated and tested 
  • Pre-stretching to tension to avoid sagging 
  • Maximum ¾” mesh size 


Cat Netting is an ideal material for use when building a catio. It has many benefits including the following: 

  • It is very versatile and easy to work with. Netting can be cut to size, shaped around corners and used to fill small holes. It doesn't require any special tools, any heavy lifting, welding or building experience to install. 
  • It is affordable. With netting available from $0.40 per square foot, netting is the best option for large areas that wouldn't otherwise be enclosable. 
  • It looks fantastic! Netting (especially our low-vis netting) is barely noticeable once installed. Wire cage enclosures can have a dominant and overpowering appearance, whereas a low-vis netting catio looks subtle and soft. Please browse our image gallery for examples. 
  • Unlike wire cages, the netting won't get hot-to-touch in the hot summer heat. Also, as most DIY enclosures don't have a base, your cat can enjoy the benefits of grass underfoot. 


Any Questions? 
Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) page for answers to most questions, or contact us at or +612 9772 0889