Let Your Cats Experience the Joy of Outdoor Adventures With Catnets

With Catnets, you can give your cats the outdoor adventure they crave without worrying about their safety.
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Why Do Cat Owners Choose Us?
Here Are the Reasons Why

We asked our best customers and these are the things they keep saying…

Tougher Than Your Cat

Our nettings are built to last, so your cat can play to their heart's content without wearing it down.

Customize Your Space

Designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs without compromising durability.

Keep the Birds Out

Our small mesh size ensures that birds are protected and kept out, giving you peace of mind that your cat is safe.

The many uses of Cat Netting

Enclose the side of your house

Looking to enclose the side of your house? Make the most of your backyard space with a "Side Alley" cat enclosure using our high-quality cat netting. Measuring your desired area and ordering the necessary netting and installation hardware is simple.

Side of House

Enclose entire backyard

Looking to give your cats a full run of your backyard while keeping them safe and secure? Our cat netting solution allows you to easily enclose your entire backyard with minimal hassle.


Cat-Proof your fence

Create a safe and secure space for your cat with our Fence Line Perimeter using EXISTING fencing. Prevent your cat from jumping the fence and keep them in your yard by creating an angled perimeter with our Angled Fence Extension Brackets.

Fenceline Extension

Make a cat playground from your Veranda or Patio

Looking to give your cat access to fresh air and sunshine? Our cat netting solution makes it easy to enclose your veranda or patio area, without the need to build additional frames!


Cat-Proof your Balcony

Cat-Proof your balcony with high-quality cat netting from our range, allowing your cat to safely enjoy some fresh air and sunlight. Our cat netting is designed to provide UV resistance, low visibility, and benefits to cats, ensuring that your furry friend stays safe and comfortable.


Benefits of Enclosing Your Cat: Keep Your Feline Friends Safe and Happy!

1. One Happy Cat
Let your cat soak up some sun! Keeping your cat outdoors in an enclosed area will keep them safe, stimulated and happy. Catnets also has a range of outdoor climbing platforms and toys to keep your cat active in the fresh air.

2. Avoiding Injury
By allowing your cat to roam around the neighborhood, there are many threats that you are exposing it to. Keep your cat safe and reduce the risk of your cat getting into fights with other cats, becoming lost, diseases, and the most significant risk of being injured or hit by a vehicle.

3. Reduced Vet Bills
With a safer outdoor environment you can promote more exercise and reduce other environmental threats to your cat, reducing your vet bills and increasing your cat’s wellbeing.

4. Quality Time
Enjoying the outdoors with your cat can be a healthy experience for the both of you. Spend quality time outdoors within the enclosure, and be sure to enrich your cat’s environment by adding climbing and scratching accessories to satisfy its natural instincts.