Can I Leave My Cats Alone for a Week?
We love cats because they’re fiercely independent, loyal, and loving natures. If you have a big trip or vacation coming up, you may be wondering if you can leave your feline friends alone while out of town. While cats normally do fine on their own, they are both largely dependent on their owners and crave social interaction with their favorite people. Here’s everything you need to know about leaving your cats alone for a week, a day, or any prolonged period of time.
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What NOT to Feed Your Cat
Many people have cats who believe we are starving them to death. As soon as the food is out of the fridge, the cat starts batting at the cupboards, begging for a sample. But not all human foods are safe for cats to eat.
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5 Signs Your Cat Loves You
At times it may seem like your cat doesn’t even like you. They cry when you pick them up, and they swat you when you touch their tummy. Every single cat owner has wondered at some point in their life if their cat really loves them.
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How Do I Keep My Cat Happy at Home?
Cats are just like humans – they need food, water, attention, and something to occupy their time when everyone else is busy. Cats need this attention but when we’re busy we have to provide a way for them to stay occupied. Some cats may be destructive to our homes if we ignore them. Many pet owners are concerned about keeping their cats happy, but they also want to keep them safe and secure.
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Do Indoor Cats Get Depressed?
Whether you’ve just adopted a cat recently, or you’ve been a pet owner for years, you want your cat to be happy and healthy. But just like humans, cats can become depressed for a wide range of reasons. It’s simple to tell if your cat is depressed because they behave the same way a person does, but they don’t try to hide it. 

In order to understand this condition better, it will help to gain an understanding of what can make a cat depressed.
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Do Indoor Cats Try to Escape?

If you’re new to cat adoption then you may be worried about cats trying to escape your home. You may have read many stories on social media about this issue, though most cats find their way back home again. Cats are family and it can be heartbreaking and quite distressing to find that one has escaped your home.

Will your new cat try to escape, and if so, can you prevent it from happening?

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