Do Indoor Cats Try to Escape?

Do Indoor Cats Try to Escape?

If you’re new to cat adoption then you may be worried about cats trying to escape your home. You may have read many stories on social media about this issue, though most cats find their way back home again. Cats are family and it can be heartbreaking and quite distressing to find that one has escaped your home.

Will your new cat try to escape, and if so, can you prevent it from happening?


Cats at Higher Risk

If you have just adopted a new cat or kitten, then yes, chances are higher that they may make a run for it when you open your door or window. Screens can be installed on windows, as well as a screen door, but if you have young children or visitors to your home, they may inadvertently let the cat(s) outside. A younger cat is eager to explore all regions of their world. They don’t yet understand the dangers that lurk outdoors. An older cat of around 2 to 8 years old is still playful, but may try to escape your home because they don’t understand why they they’ve lost their past home, and may run away and look for it.


Indoor Cats & Older Cats

Senior cats over the age of ten years old, or cats that you’ve had for most of their lifetimes are less likely to run for the door or escape out a window. The same goes for cats who are used to living indoors. They may be curious about the outdoors, but hesitant to take a step outside. It’s also much rarer that an older cat will get frightened of that vacuum cleaner and make a run for the door.


Best Solutions to Keeping Cat Family Safe & Secure

You may be wondering if there is any way that you can keep your cat or cats safe and secure. If they’re younger, they probably still have a sense of adventure about them. Having outdoor space to explore and roam is a good idea, but it should be safe and secure so they can’t go beyond your yard. An outdoor cat run or enclosure is the best solution. You can find Catnetting here on our website. You can buy portable catios, or build your own. This cat netting provides a great way to have your cat enjoy the outdoors, but they’re still protected on all four sides. They won’t be able to escape, and it will be harder for a predator to get at them. They can run back indoors any time they wish.

All cats will be excited to see that they can step past the window or patio door to explore more space. But Catnetting will keep them safely inside that space. Once you have installed their cat enclosure or cat run, your cat(s) have this outdoor space to call their own. They’ll be less likely to run for the front or back doors when you open them. Now you can keep your cat(s) safely indoors, while still providing secure outdoor space for them too!