5 Signs Your Cat Loves You

5 Signs Your Cat Loves You

At times it may seem like your cat doesn’t even like you. They cry when you pick them up, and they swat you when you touch their tummy. Every single cat owner has wondered at some point in their life if their cat really loves them.


If in doubt, here are 5 signs that your cat really loves you!


  1. They need to be near you. Does your cat follow you from room to room? And whatever room they end up sleeping in also happens to be the room where you are for the moment, whether it’s the kitchen, living room, or office. If your cat has bonded with you then they want to be near the rest of their “cat pride”.


  1. They only like you. Many cats are one-person or one-family felines. That means that they won’t make friends with anyone outside the family. If anyone new enters the house, they’ll be hissed at. They love only their own family members and if someone new moves into the house, it can be some time before the bonding and the trust happens.


  1. They bring you gifts. Some of these gifts you may not want, particularly if your cat goes outside. With luck, it’ll just be a leaf. If they’re indoors-only cats, sometimes they’ll bring us their cat toys, which doesn’t just mean they want to play, but that they like us enough to share their toys with us. At other times cats can be strange, and they’ll bring random objects to us, such as socks, hair ties, paper, and more. If we laugh and praise them for it, they’ll remember and do it again and again.


  1. They blink at you. When a cat slow blinks at us, it means they love us. For this reason, it’s often recommended that you do the same with your cat, particularly if you’ve just adopted them. When you first meet a cat, remain at a distance. Don’t touch them. Just wait, and start that slow blinking. Over time, the cat will blink back. This helps for you both to bond more closely together.

    5. They snuggle up to you when they’re not well. If your cat is suddenly snuggling up to you when they never did before, it may mean that they don’t feel well. But don’t worry, most of the time it’s temporary and they’ll be fine the next day. (Go see the vet if not.) They’re just letting us know that they need some extra comfort, and they choose to do it beside their human. There may also be other ways that they tell you something is wrong. If they have a little cut on their paw they’ll run up to you to show you.


It’s important to remember that a cat is still a wild creature at heart. We humans have tamed them from kittens to be house cats. It’s amazing how cats can interact with their humans when they have achieved that high level of trust, proving that yes, they really do love us!