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Cat Netting - Black | Sample
Sheila Reid-Mirto
Cat net sample

It was very fady shipping and product appears to be good quality.

Works great with netting. Good value.

Love this netting!

Love this netting! Works perfectly and gives my 4 kitties the outside time they need.

High quality net that looks great when up! Can tell this will last.

Zipper door .

Zipper door is good only for the animals not for humans a trip hazard.


Two catico with this great cat netting. My cats love their rooms. No fighting or getting out on their own.

Love it!

Exactly what we needed to screen in our balcony. The netting is very well made and durable. The set up was easy for our space. We love that the black netting is low visibility! We have zero complaints and we are so grateful!

Love it! What more can I say?

Wire Rope Review

Your wire rope is good quality and performs as intended. We had no problem installing it with the aluminum crimps and turnbuckles as instructed in your videos.

Stainless steel

So far it seems great and the stuff is really tuff!

High Quality

The zipper itself is fine, very durable.

However, they need other / bigger options. I'd also like a C option to go along with the L & I designs.

Seems like quality netting for pets.

Really liked the quality, would recommend and will order more in the future when I can.

Wire Rope Bulk 32ft Roll
Rebecca Rehmeyer
Wire Rope Worked Perfectly

I wanted to enclose my patio/courtyard with netting. The wire rope was exactly what was needed to create a wall of netting with a minimum of visible structure. The turnbuckle also simplified the project.

Edging Rope: 164ft Bulk Roll
Samantha Rodriguez

Just what we needed to cat proof our stairs. The delivery was quick and customer service was amazing when we realized we were missing some supplies they overnighted them to us. 10/10

Thank You

It’s is too quality. I’m going to have to order more things from you to strap it up on my balcony but I’m not sure what I have to order so I will get back in touch with you soon but work is just tons of overtime so I haven’t had the time. Thank you so much, Greg Romanski

Edging Rope: 164ft Bulk Roll
Mud River Bobtails
Solid quality rope.

Wove nicely in the netting. No guessing needed on the best rope to use.

This netting saved our cattery from closing.

I could not be happier with the quality of this netting and the instructional videos on the website. We are not the renovation type but completing our new indoor loft enclosure was a breeze! The customer service was top notch too. We will be recommending this to everyone for their cat enclosure needs.

High quality and easy to install!

I installed two and it made me look like a pro! They went on so easy and work very smoothly. Extremely high quality zipper. I feel like my cat enclosed may outlast my home!

Black Cat Netting Sample

I'm still in the process of turning the balcony into a catio so I ordered these samples since the last thing we need to do is enclose the top half of the balcony. This netting material does NOT feel cheap and feels very sturdy so your babies won't get out. I don't have the time yet, but once I do, I'll be ordering equipment to get it done!

We all love it!

Easy to set up! I am 69 year old female and needed help from a friend only to put the netting over the top. I wanted an additional door and did it all myself. Will eventually order tunnel and bigger envy for my yard.

Excellent product and fast shipping!

Just want I was looking for! My cat is enjoying the outdoors but safe inside. Very happy!

great response

I received the samples I ordered timely. I am going to place an order soon, measuring and planning out cat area and how to implement the product. Really love the product and am excited to be able to provide my clowder of cats a fun place to hang out and enrich their lives with some safe outdoor time. thank you

Second story catio

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. The addition of the steel netting on our second story patio has allowed our indoor cat to experience life outdoors. He spends hours basking in the sun and talking to the birds and squirrels. Our contractor who installed it was so impressed by it he is now an installer. This product has changed the lives of our whole family.

Exactly what I needed

I used this to enclose my back patio for a couple indoor cats who think they're outdoor cats. Worked perfectly.

Galvanized Staples (U Shape-Nails) 40pk or 500pk