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Awesome kitty play pen

They love there play room. I have 5 rescue cats who use this catio to safely Explorer the outside. The netting is amazing, strong and well made. I am so happy I ordered this catio!! 🐈🐈‍⬛ me and my kitties thank you!!

When quality is a daily experience!

I bought a cat net on catnetting.com after having installed a product bought on Amazon. After a few months I was concerned that that net was falling apart. I did a research online and I trusted immediately the website, the video tutorials, and I decided to buy on catnetting.com. I was able to install it by myself, even if I am not very good with tools. Now I leave my cat on the patio with peace of mind. I am super happy!!!

Single Size Classic Portable Catio 5'10"


I LOVE this stuff. It’s brilliant. Easy to use and assemble on our handmade catio. The instructions were straightforward and we love the outcome of our project. More importantly our kitties love the outcome of our project.

Cat Netting 32' x 17' Black


Good quality stuff

Works perfectly for what we needed.

Lightweight, Flexible, Easy Install

Lightweight-one person can move and handle the material by themself. Flexible-wraps over, under, and around all shapes and sizes of things. Easy Install-easy to attach, and can do this in a variety of ways. Wonderful product!

Done Right

I recently ordered a cat net as a "roof" for my outdoor catio. With the netting, I needed the edging cord. Considering the size of the space I was enclosing I ordered the larger cord option to ensure more than enough. What I received was the smaller bundle of cord. I contacted the company the next day via email and within 24 hours I heard back and within 48 hours they sent out the correct bundle.

Excellent Customer Service, and I rarely give that rating anymore.

Great product. Easy to install. I should have thought of this solution before I paid $600 to a day laborer to re-build my cage yet could not figure out the roof.

They love love love it

My kitties are so content being outside. I know they are safe, no worries!

Wire Rope Bulk 32ft Roll
Michele Roberts

Service from Catnetting was awesome, they were able to answer my questions in a timely manner and got what I needed super fast! I have not put it up yet, as I am waiting on a birds nest on my patio to become empty before installing. Can't wait to get it done!

Just what I needed

I was looking for netting to go over my new balcony. I was able to get it put up and it was straight forward. For me the longest part was weaving in the edging rope.

Cats love it!

Easy to put together.
Our cats love it and I love the peace of mind.

Easy and effective

C-Clips 100pk
Colen McAlister
very good

easy to use
Requires minimum 15 characters

Pliers work great

Pliers are reliable and easy to use

Cat Netting - Stone | Sample
Felipe Tignonsini
Good quality for peace of mind

I installed over my balcony and now I can leave my cats playing and sunbathing meanwhile I'm at home. The fence is really strong and give me peace of mind to leave their playing there while I'm working.

Happy Cat

The catnet is fantastic! After looking at the product for almost a year … I finally bought it. 3rd floor balcony is now totally safe for my cat. Amazingly I was able to find a way to hang it without having to make any holes in the synthetic siding, company was very helpful with suggestions. Don’t keep waiting .. just do it! Your kitties will love it!

Great product!

This works really well and made it easy to put everything together.


Easy to navigate website, lots of selections, and fast delivery. My escape artist cannot get out. What’s not to love

Cst netting with border

Great product- still installing around à complicated japanese maple

Hammock lounger

The cat hammock was super easy to install. My cat is a little timid so we started by placing him on the hammock and showing him how to jump off to his scratcher nest. After 2 days he was ready to try the reverse, and jumped onto the hammock. He loved being able to get to the very top of the catio and see up into the tree branches; we have it under a tree. Of course, we had to put a nice cushion on it on one end for lazy naps. I like that we can move it easily higher or lower, and switch is side to side to keep it in the shade all year round. It's so well put together we have no concerns about durability at all. Cat approved.

Sturdy and Secure

My cats love to chew on everything and this netting has held up to their abuse.

Easier than I thought

I'm the least handy person on the planet and I was incredibly surprised how easy it was to put this together and install everything. Now my babies have themselves a little cat enclosure on our courtyard. So grateful for this company!

Cat Netting

So far so great! Only had the cats in the catio several days now, but no issues. Netting was easy to install and feels secure.