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Corner Hammock Kit



This cat hammock is not made of your usual shade cloth material. It is manufactured using a Heavy Duty vinyl coated polyester woven fiber mesh that is 20 times stronger than fiberglass mesh. It has high quality webbing edges and aluminium eyelets for attachment.

This large hammock is a generous size, measuring 5' x 3'

The hammock is designed for installation in a corner.

Installation: Each installation will vary in its attachment requirements. Some customers may wish to tie the hammock onto a pole or around a tree, whilst others may wish to attach it to an eyelet on a brick wall. The hammock comes included with an eyelet (connection point) in each corner as well as black tie rope (41ft total) for attaching as necessary. The kit comes with 3 Screw eyelets (including wall plugs) for attachment to timber, brick or concrete surfaces. The included rope ensures flexibility for hanging your hammock in the desired location.

Cats love these hammocks, and you will too as they can be easily cleaned.

They make a great addition to any outdoor enclosure, and by adding multiple hammocks you can create dynamic and fun filled outdoor spaces.


Customer Reviews

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Irlanda Mayo
Missing hammock

Haven’t put up yet and still waiting on the second hammock they owed me.

Steven Setterberg

My 2 Siberian large/long cats love these. I was worried they wanted fit on the hammock or it wouldn't be durable enough (as is the case with most cat trees) but these hammocks provided plenty of room and are made of a really good quality material. I am very glad I bought 3 of them. My kitties love them so much. I am going to buy more to put inside the house! Shipping was very fast.

Joyce K.
Former Street Cats Now Enjoying Super Imax Experience

Callie the Carpenter built a 12'x8' Catio under 1/4 of the existing patio using Catnetting, cables and clamps. Supplemented by a u2nd had wroughtbiron screen door and 1 wall of stud framing, the project is a roaring, purring, chattering success! Backyard birds entertain without becoming a meal. Flies, moths and lizards provide supplemental protein. The hammock provides a birds eye view, so to speak.