Catnets "Easy-Fit" Premium Zippers Stainless Steel "Easy-Fit" Zipper : F-Shape (5'6" x 3'3")

Stainless Steel "Easy-Fit" Zipper : F-Shape (5'6" x 3'3")



Add a secure access point to your catio or cat run with a Catnets “Easy-Fit” F-Zipper.​

Easy-Fit F-Zippers come complete with a small surrounding piece of netting, and can easily be attached to your existing cat netting without the need for any hand stitching. ​
They are a great DIY solution to add a professional touch to your cat run at an affordable price.​ This Easy-Fit Zipper comes complete with stainless steel reinforced netting and is suitable for cat runs and enclosures built with our stainless steel reinforced netting.​

Installation is easy. View our DIY installation video here.

  • 5'6" x 3'3" UV treated F-Shape Zipper​
  • Surround netting: overall size is 6’5” x 5’​
  • Double sided access slider with stainless steel Carabiner style lock​
  • Provides easy access to the enclosure and is ideal for moving large objects in and out​

This netting has been designed for use by cats only and is not covered for damage resulting from coyotes, dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure. If you live in an area with a high coyote population and you are concerned about coyotes coming onto your property, we recommend you research coyote exclusion techniques, deterrents, and repellents for the most suitable and effective way to keep coyotes off your property.

Safety: Due to the size of the netting squares, Catnets recommend kittens (6 months and under) should not be left unattended for prolonged periods within the enclosure. In regards to cat enclosures safety in general, it is advised that all netting is installed as taut as practically possible.​

​IMPORTANT: Catnets recommends installing the zipper with the horizontal edge at the top of the net only, to ensure your cat cannot play with the zipper slider. ​

Ensure the Carabiner is installed at all times to securely ‘lock’ the zipper.​

Note: If your access area is smaller than 6’5” x 5’​, you can simply use this panel as a "ready-made" wall. Just trim the panel to size and you're done.​


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Spencer Thomas
Great Cat Enclosure

Great way to enclose a balcony or something. Took a bit longer than I thought to install, but pretty easy. Feels like my cats will be safely contained

Gia C.

I ordered the steel-reinforced cat netting and the zipper so that I could turn my gazebo-covered patio into a catio. Our cat door allows her to go in and out whenever she likes (except at night, when I keep her inside). I added a climbing/scratching pole, a waterproof house, toys, and plants including catnip and cat grass, and I hung a bird feeder near by. I really like having this space to enjoy with my cat. She’s a former feral who loves being outdoors.

Susan Heidelbaugh
Zipper door .

Zipper door is good only for the animals not for humans a trip hazard.

Mud River Bobtails
High quality and easy to install!

I installed two and it made me look like a pro! They went on so easy and work very smoothly. Extremely high quality zipper. I feel like my cat enclosed may outlast my home!