Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips 10 Pack Screw Eye - 10pk

Screw Eye - 10pk


Pack Size: 10 Pack

10 Pack


Stainless Steel screw eye suitable for installation into timber surfaces or wall plugs. Can be used for corners and intermediate. 1.5" in length x 0.13" in diametre.

Suitable for attaching to Timber or into wall plugs
Stainless Steel


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Tammy Brown
This company is amazing!

I haven’t even put together my new catio, but from the experience I have had with this company, they are nothing short of wonderful! I placed my order on the 19th and it was literally being shipped that same day. But the part that really hit home was when I got contacted by someone there asking if I meant to order different colors for the general netting and the zipper door as they would be attached. I was so grateful they caught that and let me make a change to my order or my catio would have looked like a circus. Never have I had a company be so involved and truly care!

Thank you!
~ Tammy Brown