Catnetting 65ft Cat-Proof Fence System (Timber Fence)
Catnetting 65ft Cat-Proof Fence System (Timber Fence)

65ft Cat-Proof Fence System (Timber Fence)



Keep your cat safely contained on your property with this DIY Cat-Proof Fence System. Installation kit for up to 65ft, you can create a fence line perimeter enclosure for peace of mind while allowing your cat the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

NB: To get started, your existing fence must be a minimum of 5ft 10in high. 

Set includes:

  • 10 x Fence extension brackets
  • 65’ x 6’ black cat netting
  • Black Edging rope (total 328ft)
  • Wire rope (total 196ft)
  • 6 x Turnbuckles
  • 12 x Wire rope rips
  • 500 x C-Clips and pliers
  • 100pk Cable ties
  • 40 x Screw eyelets

Fasteners for securing Fence Brackets to your fence not included. Use the appropriate fasteners based on your fence material to ensure Fence Brackets are secured well.



Ensure excess net is trimmed at the bottom to meet the top of the fence.

This netting has been designed for use by cats only and is not covered for damage resulting from coyotes, dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure. If you live in an area with a high coyote population and you are concerned about coyotes coming onto your property, we recommend you research coyote exclusion techniques, deterrents, and repellents for the most suitable and effective way to keep coyotes off your property.

Safety: Due to the size of the netting squares, Catnets recommend kittens (6 months and under) should not be left unattended for prolonged periods within the enclosure. In regards to cat enclosures safety in general, it is advised that all netting is installed as taut as practically possible.

3 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 98% Strength maintained (2% loss)
5 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 96% Strength maintained (3.3% loss)
10 years Equivalent to outdoor Exposure: 93% Strength maintained (6.6% loss)


Customer Reviews

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Andy Gryc
Great system - but needed augmentation to stop our clever kitties!

We had a previous cat containment system for our yard that wasn’t working for our newer cats - a beautiful stray cat we found in the wilderness and her three kittens. We needed to replace it, and so we removed the non-functioning old one and ordered the catnetting system.

Installation required some special considerations at corners and gates, something that wasn’t in the instructions and we needed to puzzle out, but we did get great and quick help from their support staff. It took a while to install since there are a lot of pieces, but I was very impressed at how well thought-out and flexible/durable/robust the system was.

Unfortunately, once it was up it kept our cats in for about three minutes before they figured out how to escape. (We were of course crestfallen, but had expected as much.) That’s probably not the case for most people’s cats, but our cats - especially our male and the mother cat - are very athletic and smart, and they’re very hard to contain.

To make a long story short, we augmented the system with several new refinements after every escape. We were able to do this primarily with surplus materials provided in the catnetting shipment, as well as a couple trips to the local hardware store. Now our cats are fully staying in the yard - here’s hoping it stays that way! (I plan on contacting Catnetting to give them some tips on how we managed to contain our escape-artist cats - hopefully they can make that available to everyone.)