Fastening & Clips

A wire-rope cable system is the most common method of attaching netting to hard surfaces such as cement, brick, vinyl and composite fencing. This is also the method used for the majority of professionally installed Catnets DIY catios. It is cost-effective, gives a neat and professional finish and requires the least amount of drilling.

This method involves the installation of a STEEL WIRE ROPE which sits flush against your wall and then acts as a support for the net to hang. The netting is then attached to the wire rope using our C-CLIPS or cable ties.

How To Measure Up and Order

Step 1: Measure the length of wire required. This may be the length of a wall, the perimeter of a veranda or other. Try to keep the length of any one individual run of wire to a maximum of 65 feet.

Step 2: Determine which type of screw eye or bolt to use:

  • Eye Bolt Head Expansion Anchor - Brick, Concrete, Hard Surfaces
  • Screw Eye - Timber
  • Surface Eyelets – Vinyl Fences, Composite Fences, Metal Surfaces
  • Eye Bolt with Nut - Miscellaneous

Calculate the number of eyelets you will require to guide the wire along its path. We recommend 1 eyelet per 1 foot and a half plus any additional guiding the wire around corners etc.

Step 3: For each run of wire, you should order 1 turnbuckle and two wire rope grips. The turnbuckle will tension the wire and the wire grips will hold the wire in position at each end.

Step 4: Weave Edging Rope through the edge of the netting to create a strong seam. Then use 4 C-Clips per foot to attach the netting to the stainless wire cable. 

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Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips Turnbuckle


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Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips 2 Pack Wire Rope Grip - 2pk

Wire Rope Grip - 2pk

Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips 10 Pack Screw Eye - 10pk

Screw Eye - 10pk

Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips 1 Pack Eye Bolt with Nut

Eye Bolt with Nut

Catnets WIRE ROPE FASTENING & CLIPS 10 pack Aluminum Crimps - 10pk

Aluminum Crimps - 10pk

Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips C-Clips 100pk

C-Clips 100pk

Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips Wire Rope Bulk 16ft Roll

Wire Rope Bulk 16ft Roll