Catnets Wire Rope Fastening & Clips Wire Rope Bulk 82ft Roll

Wire Rope Bulk 82ft Roll

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82ft Roll. Our high quality stainless steel rope is strong yet flexible, making it easy to work with and ideal for creating a wire-rope cable system for net installation.

  • 1/16" diameter
  • Pull strength – up to 500lbs

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Rebecca H

Wire Rope Bulk 82ft Roll

Mitchell Clasen
Worked Great!

For some reason Catnets thinks I only bought a roll of rope and want me to review it. Silliness. I actually bought netting, wire, turnbuckles, crimpers, crimps, and concrete anchors with which I wanted to enclose my rear patio. This was not done for the benefit of my cats, which already enjoy the entire backyard "catio" (can't get under, thru, or over the fence), but to save my patio's large windows from "Not Tiger Woods" slicing tee shots from the golf course behind my house into said windows and breaking them again and again.

I found the install pretty simple; the hardest part was drilling into my stucco (easier than I thought, actually) and then weaving 80 feet of the rope into the edges of the netting (tedious).

After a couple of days I have one 14 foot long, 8 foot high opening 'enclosed' and the other side - only about 5 foot wide by 8 foot high, setup to
allow me to open the panel like a shower curtain for access to the back yard. I used caribiners (spring clips) to attach the top of the netting to the wire, allowing it to move side to side. I hard-attached one side of the netting to the left side wire, and used about 10 sets of small bar magnets attached to both the right-side wire and the edge of the netting to hold it closed and taught when I want it closed. It works magically, holds the netting tight enough to bounce golf balls but can be pulled completely open for backyard access as necessary with ease..

Bonus: since I put it up, the cats seem to enjoy hanging out on the patio behind the netting, which I like as it reduces the chances they'll get nailed by "not Tiger Woods" firing golf balls into the property. They can get in and out of the patio into/from the back yard easily as the bottoms of my nets are not secured; they just go under them to get out and back in.

I'm completely happy with my purchase, as the other alternative was to enclose the patio, which would have destroyed much of the view (from inside the house) of the golf course and mountains I so enjoy.

Great product. Thinking of new ways to use it (allow the cats access to an upstairs balcony, perhaps).

Roxanne Lebrun

Works great with netting. Good value.

Gaye Brewer
Wire Rope Review

Your wire rope is good quality and performs as intended. We had no problem installing it with the aluminum crimps and turnbuckles as instructed in your videos.

Steele Matthew
Exactly what I wanted

The cats love the space and basically have moved out of the house. Set up videos helped me visualize installation and I have it up in about 7 hours. Completely fenced in two sides of a 300 sq ft out door patio floor to ceiling for about $250. Outstanding product.