Catnets Complete Wall-Nets with Zip Stainless Steel Complete Wall Net with F-Zipper (11'4" x 11'4" Netting) - Black

Stainless Steel Complete Wall Net with F-Zipper (11'4" x 11'4" Netting) - Black



Add a secure access point to your outdoor cat enclosure or cat run with a Catnets Stainless Steel reinforced Wall Net with F-Zipper.​

Our Stainless Steel reinforced Wall Net with F-Shape Zipper is the quickest of all zipper products to install. The zipper has been professionally sewn into a large surrounding net, so all you have to do is trim the net to fit your area and you’re done. ​

It’s ideal for ends of side alley enclosures and other areas smaller than 3.5m x 3.5m. If your space is larger than this, you will need to use an “Easy-Fit” Zipper instead.​

The Wall Net comes complete with stainless steel reinforced netting and is suitable for cat runs and enclosures built with our stainless steel reinforced netting.

Installation is easy. View our DIY installation video here.

  • 5'6" x 3'3" UV treated F-Shape Zipper​ pre-sewn into the netting​
  • Surround netting: overall size is 11’4” wide x 11’4” high​
  • Double sided access slider with stainless steel Carabiner style lock​
  • Perfect for ends of Side Alley enclosures​
  • Provides easy access to the enclosure and is ideal for moving large objects in and out​

This netting has been designed for use by cats only and is not covered for damage resulting from coyotes, dogs or other animals housed in OR outside of the enclosure. If you live in an area with a high coyote population and you are concerned about coyotes coming onto your property, we recommend you research coyote exclusion techniques, deterrents, and repellents for the most suitable and effective way to keep coyotes off your property.

Safety: Due to the size of the netting squares, Catnets recommend kittens (6 months and under) should not be left unattended for prolonged periods within the enclosure. In regards to cat enclosures safety in general, it is advised that all netting is installed as taut as practically possible.​

​IMPORTANT: Catnets recommends installing the Wall Net with the horizontal edge of the zipper at the top of the net only, to ensure your cat cannot play with the zipper slider. ​

Ensure the Carabiner is installed at all times to securely ‘lock’ the zipper.​

Note: If your area is larger than 11'4" x 11'4", you should look at our Easy-Fit Zippers as an alternative. ​

Perfect for DIY installations and also great for professional Installers, as you can get a neat and effective Zip Entrance in a fraction of the time it would take to install one manually.​


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Richard Marcello
High Quality

The zipper itself is fine, very durable.

However, they need other / bigger options. I'd also like a C option to go along with the L & I designs.

Niki Stephens
Would love to give a review but

I have not gotten my catio set up due to the weather. Seems it always rains or snows on the weekends. I have looked my netting and zipper door over and my 3 cats and I are looking forward to having a great outdoor place to enjoy come spring.

Laura S
Catnetting with zipper

This was my 3rd order with Catnetting. I am always satisfied with the quality of the products. I have made 2 large outdoor cateries and utilized their products. The ideas on their website combined with the ease of installation is what keeps me coming back, Will upload pictures of my next 30' X 17' catery. Thank you!

Jackelyn Frost
Catnetting is superb! Our lives are transformed!

My three indoor cats are beyond thrilled to be able to go outside anytime they want now that I have used catnetting to enclose a portion of my porch which they can now access through a cat door in my window. And I can access the catio through the very secure netting with F-Zipper. I've put a combination lock on the zippers so no one can just unzip the catio and let them out.
I put a camera in to watch them and they are in and out of the cat all the time. They love chasing insects and watching everything going on outside.
The netting system is great quality and was easy to install. I did it all by myself. Now I love sitting outside with my cats and we are all so much happier and calmer. They are less bored/more stimulated, so they are allowing us to sleep through the night. What a joy!

Elizabeth Farley
Done Right

I recently ordered a cat net as a "roof" for my outdoor catio. With the netting, I needed the edging cord. Considering the size of the space I was enclosing I ordered the larger cord option to ensure more than enough. What I received was the smaller bundle of cord. I contacted the company the next day via email and within 24 hours I heard back and within 48 hours they sent out the correct bundle.

Excellent Customer Service, and I rarely give that rating anymore.

Great product. Easy to install. I should have thought of this solution before I paid $600 to a day laborer to re-build my cage yet could not figure out the roof.