Fenceline Extension Brackets

Our custom designed Fence Extension Brackets are the perfect option for creating "large-area" enclosures in 1 of 2 ways.
NB: To get started, your existing fence must be a minimum of 5ft 10in high. 


Why not let your cat(s) have full run of your entire yard? When coupled with our Low-Vis ¾” Netting, a fence line perimeter enclosure will raise the height of your existing fence to create an angled physical barrier.


One of the most commonly built enclosures, a side alley enclosure, makes perfect use of an un-utilized area of a house. The Angled Fence Brackets can be used to raise the height of your existing fence line before attaching the netting to the house.

Basic Principle

The design is based on the premise that cats dislike climbing upside down on an unstable surface. Apart from the obvious physical barrier that this creates, the netting also acts as a VISUAL deterrent to a potential escape. The brackets are fastened to the fence, with our Low-Vis netting then attached to the brackets. We have manufactured the brackets in a black finish, to complement the Low-Vis netting. As black doesn't reflect light well, the black products are proven to be the least noticeable color once installed.

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