Binding Twine

Our specialty OUTDOOR binding twine is made of a similar gauge to our cat netting range, therefore making it a handy accessory for discreet installation joins.

This Heavy Duty twine is UV treated, and is designed for use with our entire range of cat netting.

Made of  UV Treated Nylon, this twine is designed to last and can be used for :

  • Netting panel joining
  • Zipper Installation
  • General netting work

Each roll contains approx. 164ft of twine.

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Catnets Binding Twine (Black or Stone) Binding Twine with Needle (Black or Stone) 164ft

Binding Twine with Needle (Black or Stone) 164ft

Our specialty Outdoor binding twine is made from the same material and gauge of our cat netting. It is ideal for joining multiple lengths of netting together or performing discreet...