Stainless Steel Complete Wall Net with L-Zipper (11'4" x 11'4" Netting) - Black


Our Stainless Steel Complete Wall - Net with L-Shape Zipper  is the quickest of all zipper products to install.  The zip has been professionally sewn into a large surrounding net, so all you have to do is trim the net to fit your area and your done. This is our most premium zipper option available, ensuring high strength and a large opening.


What is an Complete wall Zipper? Well we have done all the hard work for you. An elegant L-Shape Zipper has been sewn into a large surrounding piece of Cat netting. All you need to do therefore is trim the netting to fit your particular space and you're ready to attach the netting. Obviously if your space is larger than 11'4" x 11'4", then this isn't the option for you.


Is this the best option for my enclosure? If the space your looking to enclose is less than 11'4" x 11'4", then this will be the quickest to install, the neatest, and strongest zip you can find. 

This type of zip product is perfect for the ENDS OF SIDE ALLEY ENCLOSURES. As side alley's aren't normally greater than 11'4" x 11'4", this product makes creating that zippered ending a breeze. You can just trim the netting on an angle to fit the space and install it. All the zipper installation has been taken care of for you. This saves a large amount of time and gives a fantastic result.


This ZIPPER is great value, because you receive both the netting AND the zipper for the 1 low price. The netting itself is worth nearly $40, and your getting a PROFESSIONAL L-Zip with Stainless Lock as well.


Detailed Specifications:

Stainless Steel reinforced Netting

5'6" (h) x 3'3" (w) UV Treated L-Shape Zipper Pre-Sewn into the netting.

Surround netting overall size is 11'4"wide  x 11'4" High

Double Sided Access Slider with Stainless Steel Carabiner style Lock

Ideal for high traffic areas and large item access

 Perfect for ends of Side Alley Enclosures


* Note: If your  area is larger than  11'4" wide x 11'4" High, you should look at our Easy-Fit Zippers as an alternative. 


It is also perfect for Professional Installers, as you can get a neat and effective Zip Entrance in a fraction of the time it would take to install one manually.