"Easy-Fit" Zipper : Vertical (5'10") test


Our"Easy-Fit" zippers ensure a neat and high strength enclosure entrance. They are quick to install and don't require any specialist tools. This vertical Zipper is suited to narrow spaces, where the L-Shape Zippers are not an option due to the width. They are also suitable if the area is only for occasional access, or if the access is only for pacing the Cat inside the enclosure. If you will be using the area frequently, and will occasionally be moving larger objects in and out, the L-Shape Zipper would be a more appropriate option.


What is an Easy-Fit Zipper? An easy-fit Zipper is basically a Zipper that has already been professionally sewn into a small surrounding piece of netting. This netting is then simply attached to your enclosure netting. They eliminate the need for any hand-sewing, and ensure a quick and simple installation. This zipper creates a professional result at a D.I.Y price.


The installation method is:

1: Firstly erect your complete cat netting enclosure, ensuring the netting is as taut as possible.

2: You can then plan the exact positioning and fasten the zipper panel to the enclosure netting at the top using the supplied ties.

3: The sides are then attached to the existing netting using the supplied rope. The rope is weaved alternately through the edge of the zipper netting panel and the enclosure netting.

4: The initial enclosure netting is then cut directly behind the zipper to create the opening.


5'10" High UV Treated Zipper panel

Double Sided Access Slider

Installation Instructions