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What locations do you ship to?

In the United States we currently sell through Amazon. Amazon will generally ship to anywhere in the United States. For more information about shipping location, go to Shipping Rates & Times.

International: We ship throughout all of Australia & New Zealand, with shipping also available to other international locations upon request.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Amazon will ship all of our orders. When shipping within the contiguous U.S., your order will arrive within these delivery estimates based on your location and selected shipping speed.

Destination Country

Contiguous U.S.
Standard Shipping (business days)

4 to 5
Two-Day Shipping (business days)

Within 2
One-Day Shipping (business days)

Within 1

Note:  In many areas Saturday and Sunday delivery may be available. If weekend delivery is available to your destination, it will be specified on the product page and/or during checkout. Delivery estimates for FREE Prime Two-Day shipments to destinations that don’t have weekend delivery are based on two business day transit times, not including Saturday or Sunday.

For information about shipping rates, go to Shipping Rates for the Contiguous U.S.

How much does shipping cost?

For information about shipping rates, go to Shipping Rates for the Contiguous U.S.


How do I place an order?

To place your order please head to our Products page which can direct you to our Amazon listings. Alternatively, you can also purchase from our sister website located in Sydney, Australia. We are more then happy to arrange shipping to the United States on products not currently offered on Amazon. Please head to our website

Can I purchase from your online store?

You can also purchase from our sister website located in Sydney, Australia. We are more then happy to arrange shipping to the United States on products not currently offered on Amazon. Please head to our website

How can I pay?

You can pay directly through the Amazon Website at the checkout. Alternatively, you can also purchase from our sister website located in Sydney, Australia. We are more then happy to arrange shipping to the United States on products not currently offered on Amazon. Please head to our website

Do you accept returns / refunds?

When you return an item, your refund and how your refund is issued may differ based on the condition of the item, how long you've had the item and how the item was purchased. For more information, go to About Refunds.



How are your prices so low?

At Catnets you are dealing directly with the importer. Catnets is operated as a trading business of one of Australia’s largest netting importers, Haverford Pty Ltd.  The business was established in 1888, and has supplied netting for events including the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Taronga Zoo and Expo '88. Our bulk buying power, along with the fact that you are dealing direct with the importer, ensure we can supply nets at low prices. Despite our commitment to fair and reasonable pricing, we will not compromise on quality. We continually test, assess and attempt to improve our nets to ensure they are of the utmost quality.

How much will my cat enclosure cost?

On average, D.I.Y  installations cost less than half of those fully installed. The majority of self installations cost less than $200. Catnets provide all our pricing online, as we are confident we have the lowest prices available. Our standard netting price is $0.28 per square foot, and we have bulk and monthly specials available online.



Do you have a quote and installation service?

Catnets does not currently offer an installation service in the United States. We suggest you discuss your options with a local handyman or builder. Most handymen will have the required tools and skill required to install your cat enclosure.

We recommend you print and show them our FREE downloadable D.I.Y information guide, to give them a basic idea of the concept and the materials involved.

I want to install my enclosure myself, but I don't know where to start?

The best place to start would be by reading our FREE downloadable D.I.Y information guide, and by viewing some previous DIY projects in our image galleries.



Why should I use netting for my enclosure?

Netting is an ideal material for use as a cat enclosure. It has many benefits including the following:

  • It is very versatile and easy to work with. Netting can be cut to size, shaped around corners and used to fill small holes. It doesn't require any special tools, doesn't involve any heavy lifting, welding or building experience to install.
  • It is affordable. With our netting available at just $0.28 per square foot, netting is the best option for large areas that wouldn't otherwise be enclosable. Most Catnets DIY enclosures cost well under $200.
  • It is strong and long lasting. Our specialised cat netting is designed to last. It is UV treated for outdoor use, has heat strengthened knots and is pre-stretched to avoid sagging.
  • It looks fantastic! Netting (especially our low-vis netting) is barely noticeable once installed. Wire cage enclosures can have a heavy, dominant and overpowering appearance, whereas a low-vis netting enclosure looks subtle and soft.
  • Unlike wire cages, the netting won't get hot-to-touch in the hot summer heat.
  • Won't get caught by the wind like shadecloth.
  • Is airy, and allows you cat to keep cool in the summer months.
  • Unlike wire cages, there are no sharp and DANGEROUS edges that are prone to rust

Is your netting strong & long lasting?

Catnets supplies the highest quality cat netting available, and as a result is the  chosen wholesale supplier of 25+ installers and resellers throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our netting manufacturer is an ISO certified company, and we  personally inspect the facilities on a regular basis to ensure quality is of the upmost importance.

Our high quality netting is strong, long lasting & designed to last in the harsh Australian outdoors. Our nets are UV treated to the maximum percentage without degrading the strength of the netting. More than that, the nets are also regularly tested in an accredited "Accelerated UV Testing facility".

The netting is also "Pre-Stretched" to tension, with Heat-Strengthened Knots. This process is critical when used as a cat net, as it helps avoid stretching and sagging of your net over time.

Through many years of testing, ¾” x ¾” sq has been determined to be the maximum hole size that is safe for cats. 

Catnets brand netting is the ideal choice for your cat enclosure:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • High  breaking strains
  • UV treated "and tested"
  • Prestretching to tension to avoid sagging
  • Maximum ¾” x ¾” sq mesh size

What colours does your netting come in?

Our Low-Vis Black is the most popular colour. As black doesn’t reflect light well, it tends to disappear when installed tight in a backyard environment.

Can I purchase by-the-foot?

Unfortunately we don't currently offer by-the-foot on Amazon, However you can still purchase by-the-metre from our sister website


I am renting and can't make any permanent attachments to my property?

You have a few options in this case:

  1. You can consider one of our Freestanding Portable enclosures. They can be taken down and moved to your new property, and require no permanent attachments. They come up to 5.4m long, which is a significant space, even for numerous cats.
  2. You can contact one of our recommended installer contacts who often have some creative solutions for your space that doesn’t involve any drilling.
  3. The wire rope systems we supply to frame up installations create very minimal impact to your property, and can be removed with very low damage to your surfaces. It may be an option for you to show the systems we have to your owner/body corporate for them to consider.

Why should I enclose my cat?

Research has shown that the overwhelming majority of incidents involving cats occur at night. These studies have also shown that cats restricted at night live up to 3 years longer on average. Contrary to popular belief, cats can live and enjoy a happy and healthy life when properly contained within the backyard. is a major supplier of cat netting throughout Australia. Based out of our two warehouses in Sydney, offers a range of D.I.Y products, along with a series of recommended installation businesses across Australia.

By enclosing your cat you can help eliminate risk of the following issues:

  • Injured in fights
  • Hit by cars
  • Become lost
  • Catch diseases
  • Neighbourhood nuisence issues
  • Legal requirements
  • Wildlife safety

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